United Supermarkets Graphic Design Work Spotlight

While working for The United Family from 2013 to 2018 our founder, Matthew Hart created thousands of graphics, sat on several committees, flew across the country, and helped save the company thousands of dollars each month. We will explore his graphic design work here today. Here are some of the designs he created while working in their marketing department.

Below you’ll find evergreen advertisements, posters, stanchions, signage for their many different primary and secondary brands. These range from ads to go into publications to promos that you see at the gas pump to signs hanging from the ceilings above the hot food bar. Each design was made in light of the specific brand’s guidelines to ensure consistency of look and feel and continuity of messaging and feel within the store.


Here you will find a grouping of print and packaging design work. Extra time was spent focusing on keeping the color accurate on these projects which allowed for bigger print runs which ultimately lowered the cost per print, saving the company thousands.

Interior and exterior decor set the atmosphere of spaces. The most attention to detail was taken when creating designs and elements that would be permanent fixtures inside and outside the store. Many planning sessions and many more emails were exchanged to nail down the giant books of design which were eventually approved by leadership and then sent to the construction company to build and install.

Technology allowed us to collect data on our shoppers which was used to send them offers and promos in line with their buying habits. This increased sales, customer retention, and basket sizes. A digital touch-point was placed inside each store to allow customers to sign-up for these unique and specific deals. Screen shots of the user interface design for loyalty program touch-screen kiosk are below:

Amigos Supermarket signage, icons, and loyalty program


Campaign designs are needed when a company wants to move its industry in a particular direction. United Supermarkets wanted to help their customers get better foods into their homes. The in-house dietitians came to the marketing team and asked us for help designing the look for their next big push. Matthew came up with the concept of centering everything around the basket. This took the weight off the customers for thinking they are the problem and it put all the focus on helping put better food options in their basket.



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