A Quick and Dirty Analogy to Opt-In Marketing

Opt-In Marketing

Let’s get a snapshot of how your website, opt-in campaign, and your email marketing all work together to attract your perfect customers.

Opt-In Marketing
Attract Perfect Customers with Opt-In Marketing

👷‍♀️Think of it like building a house and then throw a party!  

You’ll need some land to start with.

This land is where your website is hosted. A web-hosting service like SiteGround can help you get started with hosting a website.

With land bought it’s time to build the house.

This house is your website. I build on WordPress which comes standard with most hosting. SiteGround has this built-in to their platform so just sign up with them with the link above and then watch and follow this tutorial for building your website in WordPress.

Now that your house is built it’s time to throw a party and invite some VIPs!

To get your invites back properly you’ll need to do something a little different. You will need two mailboxes (email addresses) at this house. The first one will be for all professional correspondence and look something like “myname@mywebsite.com” except replace ‘myname’ with your actual email address and ‘mywebsite’ with your actual website address. You will use this one to send a personal email to people individually. I use Google My Business to manage my business email accounts. You can sign up for one here.

The second mailbox (email address) will be on an email platform like MailChimp, Constant Contact or Aweber. This one will be used to invite a bunch of people all at once.

Along with giving you lots of tools to email your guests doing it this way allows your guests to remove themselves from the second email list without hurting your professional business email address.

You can also set up an automation that will tell everyone who’s planning on coming when to arrive and what they need to do to get ready for your party. All mass emails will go thru this email platform. Do not use your professional email for this.

Now, for the reason, you are here, opt-in marketing.

Opt-in marketing allows you to specifically target your VIPs with special content. Say you want to send into to people who visit five or more pages on your website. You can do it thru opt-in marketing. Or let’s say you want to send a special offer to people who’ve purchased something from your e-commerce store. You can do that with opt-in marketing. Want to send an email if someone read one specific page? You can do all this with opt-in marketing.

How do we show these awesome targeted offers to specific people?

First, we need for them to sign up thru an opt-in form. That can be on a page or a popup. When they sign up, that info gets sent directly to your email marketing platform through integration setup. This integration can be done from a service like OptInMonster, Hubspot, or many others out there.

💖Now next time a special holiday comes around you can invite all the people who showed up at last year’s party! Anyone who showed up at the last event will want to hear from you again.

If you have any questions please feel free to use our contact form or email us at hello@attractusdesign.com Any questions?

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