Custom Data-Centric Business Apps

Affordable apps built to serve your business.

Your business can easily afford a custom data-centric app to better serve your business by helping your team save time with all the little silly things they hate doing on a daily basis.

Rich Data Collection

Gather data from the field more efficiently, for quicker, actionable insights.

Location Services

Automatically capture & display geographic or indoor location data across devices 

Machine Learning

Apps with the power of machine learning, no data scientists required.

Process Automation

Automatically move data and notify teams throughout the organization.

Use your data your way.

Use the data from the source you are already using!

  • Collect data from any device, instantly syncing to the original data source
  • Collaborate with teammates, updating data securely
  • Analyze in real time using custom-built dashboards and automatic reports

Our Data-Centric App Functions

Mobile and desktop applications with powerful features

Deliver Notifications

Generate Reports

Send Email

Build Dashboards

Accept Signatures

Work Offline

Install Across Devices

Integrate Platforms

Apply Logic

Capture Images

Log Locations

Scan Barcodes

Have a prototype app ready within a day.

No more waiting and no more paying for expensive teams to build the apps your business needs! Complex projects require time and thought but simple apps can be built in a day’s time.

Empower your teams to use data easier and better.

Data Collection, Streamlined

With or without an internet connection, you can improve data gathering methods by accepting signatures, logging GPS coordinates, scanning barcodes, and capturing and annotating images.

Efficiently Collaborate More

Stay secure and organized while keeping up to date with your data sets effectively.

Instantly Gain Actionable Insights

Collect, monitor, and analyze data in real-time with dashboards customized to your workflows and notification preferences.